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Red Rose, Growing

Welcome to our family web site!

Here you will find a lot of information about the Eichenberg Lineage.  Did you know we are all related somehow?  Did you know there is a famous actress in our line?  Did you know there is a famous "Ikenberry Party" story about a wagon train to find gold in California?  Do you know about the next reunion? 
Please browse around our website to find valuable information about where we all came from and how we can all keep in touch. 

  • Click the Home Button to come back to this page.
  • Click the Family Info page to view information about the first few generations in the Eichenberg lineage.
  • Click the Ancestry page to view another person's site that has most of our lineage.
  • Click on the Message Forum page to keep in touch with each other.
  • Click on the 2005 Reunion page to view the website done by J.W. Rhoades.
  • Click the 2006 Reunion page to view details about next years reunion.
  • Click the Miscellaneous Links page to view numerous links that have something to do with our family.
  • Click the Photo Album page to view pictures of our relatives.