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This page is for pictures of any/all descendants of Peter Eichenberg.  So far I have what is here.  This photo album will be updated every time I get new pictures sent to me.  If you email pictures to me, please include your lineage from Peter as you see done on this page.  That will help me to group them in the proper families.  I hope to see all your smiles soon.

  • Peter Eichenberg / Henry / Samuel / Zachariah / George Monroe
  • George Monroe Eikenbary married Amanda Evaline Welch
  • Here are their pictures along with pictures of their children.

George Monroe Eikenbary

George Monroes Wife
Amanda Evaline Welch

Amanda Welch Eikenbary with her children.
Rosa, Amanda Welch, Effie, Frank, and Grover

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George Monroes Family Tree
Part 1

Family Tree
Part 2

The rest of George Monroe and Amandas Children
Van, Lawrence, and Lloyd

  • Peter Sr Eichenberg / Henrich / Samuel / Zachariah
  • Alfred Pierce was the 2nd Child of Zachariah Eichenberg
  • Below is a picture of Alfred and his wife's tombstone located in the Forest Hill Cemetary in Kansas City.

Alfred Pierce Eikenbary

Grave Marker For Amanda Sloan Eikenbary
Amanda Sloan - married to Alfred Pierce Eikenbary

  • Peter Sr Eichenberg / John / Samuel
  • Henry Ikenberry is the son of Samuel Ikenberry
  • He married Catherine Hirt who was also of the lineage of Peter Eichenberg.  Henry was in the paternal lineage of the 4th generation and Catherine was a descendant in the maternal line of the 5th generation
  • Below is a picture of them along with a picture of their tombstone located at the Brick Church Cemetary in Roanoke VA.

Henry and Catherine Hirt Ikenberry

Tombstone of Catherine and Henry