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This was the front page of the website built by J.W. Rhoades for the 2005 Reunion.  Included on this page are the conversations from people who attended.   Please click the 2006 Reunion page for information about next years Reunion.  Much more information to come soon.
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The Ikenberry Reunion of 2005

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The memories have been created! Thanks to all who participated.
Want to do it again?

View recent photos submitted by reunion participants.

This website was published to get the word out on the Ikenberry reunion and create a renewed sense of belonging among our family members. Pictures of past reunions, week-end schedule, and directions to the reunion events are included. It was the chance of a lifetime for the younger generations to get in touch with their rich heritage. Remember to scroll through each page to get all the details!

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Reunion News

The Ikenberry Family Reunion was held the weekend of July 29-31, 2005. Events took place in and around the Roanoke Valley of Virginia. Glad to have seen you there!

If you have pictures of the reunion you would like to share please scan them and email them to us for posting.

More than 60 people attended the Friday evening welcome party.

Saturday evening, at the home of J.W. and Suzanne I. Rhoades, was enjoyed by more than 100 relatives.

Sunday morning brought tears of joy and sadness as we reviewed the legacies and photos left by our family.

View photos from past reunions!!



Click the "Photo Album" page for the newest 2005 Family Reunion Photos!!!