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On this page we will provide links to information about our family, and related topics.
~The Migration section includes information about how our family explored new land.  It also includes the gold rush information.
~The Ancestry section is just a neater version of the links that are found on my ANCESTRY page.
~The Books section includes two websites where family history / lineage books can be purchased.  If you are interested in the Peter Eichenberg Lineage book please click the link and scroll down till you see #DE00287.
I hope you enjoy these sites and if there are any links you would like added, please feel free to contact me via the CONTACT US page.

Links about Eichenberg Migration

Brethren Migrations

Ikenberry Wagon Train Party

Trail Pioneers

Families in Indiana and Illinois

Ancestry Links

Barnhart Relation

Smaller Eichenberg Tree

Virginia Geneology & History

The Eikenberry's Notes

Book Links

Family Books - Shenandoah Valley

Lineage Book of Peter Eichenberg #DE00287